Recommended Student Ukuleles

Recommended Good Student Ukuleles:

In order of preference & cost. The cost is a rough ballpark price.

  1. Cordoba 15-CM   $70-100   *This is what we use in class.
  2. Kala 15-S     $50-80
  3. Fender Concert or Soprano    $100-130
  4. Makala Dolphin     $40-50 Soprano
  5. Ohana CK-10     $50-80

I personally prefer Cordoba or Kala brands. I own both.

You might want to also consider a bundle which would include Ukulele, a bag/case, strap, and tuner. Some also may come with extra strings and/or a basic song book and chord chart.

Amazon top rated bundles:

Lohanu (LU-C) Concert

Kala MK-S Makala Soprano bundle:

Great general Uke information such as sizes, types, and brands: